Roll a Nature Check

We are doing our best to minimise our impact on the environment.

We may not yet have reached our goal of being greener than a Druid just yet but we want to make sure we’re one of the good guys in this story.

There is more information about our products on our product pages but we try to use materials that are recycled, Fairtrade, Organic, vegan and in general pretty green where we can.

We are based in South Wales so where we can we try to use UK based suppliers to reduce the number of miles our beautiful products are travelling. Our books, t-shirts, stickers and folders are all printed in the UK.

We also try to find suppliers who are green themselves, from the t-shirt manufacturers who have invested in water saving and recycling processes in their factories to the person who made the Rogue & Bard stamp for us using wood from a local tree-surgeon.

We use cardboard or paper to package our products. We don’t like single use plastic so we don’t use it.

We joined the Naked Cards Campaign when we created our Christmas cards which encourages anyone selling cards to ditch the cellophane and send their cards out naked as nature intended.

Currently there are three members of the team at Rogue & Bard (I know right! If you’re wondering about the class of the third member of the party, check out our About Us page).

However, we all work from home so we don’t have an office. But if we did it would be a pretty sustainable place. We all use energy suppliers for our own homes that provide 100% green energy and gas.

What does that matter? Well it means that this very page about sustainability is being typed on a laptop that is charged up using renewable energy.

As much as we like to think we’re amazing there is still a way to go. We want to be completely transparent with you (since we’re such good friends) so this is a list of the not-quite-yet-as-green-as-we’d-like stuff.

Our books and folders aren’t yet on recycled paper/card. We wanted to make sure the quality of the books was really premium so for the time being we’re using non-recycled paper.

Our stickers are made of vinyl. Yes, it’s plastic and we said we didn’t like plastic but in order to make a long lasting product this seemed like the best option at present – we’re working on it.

While we don’t use plastic packaging ourselves, our T-shirts are sent out in plastic envelopes directly from the printers. We are hoping to work with them to change this in the future but we haven’t quite got there yet.

If you have any questions or suggestions about our sustainability please get in touch.