The World’s Tiniest Character Sheets

Pack of 5, 10 or 20


The World’s Tiniest Character Sheets


What’s that? An A5 Character Sheet is still too big for you? You need something you can keep in a wallet, purse, or phone case?

Well look no further!

We’ve managed to squeeze all the best and most useful bits of our A5 Character Sheet journals into a single business card so you’re ready to play D&D wherever you go. They’re also great for hirelings, one shots, and simple NPC sheets for DM’s. And they pair wonderfully with some extra tiny dice too.

(Full disclosure: We actually made these to be our business cards and if you find us in the wild you can nab a World’s Tiniest Character Sheet for free but we can only hear “Hey, I want to buy a pack of those!” before we take the hint!)

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  • Teeny tiny, go-anywhere character sheet
  • HP, AC, attacks and spell slots
  • Attributes and modifiers
  • Death saves
  • Movement speeds
  • Proficiencies and skills
  • Even some notes (for small handwriting)


100% recyclable card