The World’s Tiniest Character Sheets

Pack of 5, 10 or 20

£ 2.99£ 9.99

The World’s Tiniest Character Sheets

£ 2.99£ 9.99

What’s that? An A5 Character Sheet is still too big for you? You need something you can keep in a wallet, purse, or phone case?

Well look no further!

We’ve managed to squeeze all the best and most useful bits of our A5 Character Sheet journals into a single business card so you’re ready to play D&D wherever you go. They’re also great for hirelings, one shots, and simple NPC sheets for DM’s. And they pair wonderfully with some extra tiny dice too.

(Full disclosure: We actually made these to be our business cards and if you find us in the wild you can nab a World’s Tiniest Character Sheet for free but we can only hear “Hey, I want to buy a pack of those!” before we take the hint!)

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  • Teeny tiny, go-anywhere character sheet
  • HP, AC, attacks and spell slots
  • Attributes and modifiers
  • Death saves
  • Movement speeds
  • Proficiencies and skills
  • Even some notes (for small handwriting)


100% recyclable card