The Ultimate Player Kit for D&D 5e

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The Ultimate Player Kit for D&D 5e


Whether you’re just starting out or a veteran player, our Ultimate Starter Kit has everything you need to manage your characters, in and out of combat!

The Starter Kit comes with an A5 Character Sheet Journal and a dry erase Combat Stat Tracker to track combat critical info like your HP, spell slots, conditions and more. And it all comes wrapped up in a handy A5 folder which is packed full of tips and notes including what you can do during your turn and what different conditions and statuses mean for you and your character.

Each Character Sheet Journal can contain up to four characters for D&D 5e, allowing you to play multiple characters all from one compact booklet. Each character is split over 8 pages and is colour coded for easy identifying, with all the usual things you’d expect from the official character sheets, and a few extra bits added in for good measure.

The dry erase Combat Tracker is a great tool for keeping track of character resources and HP that change quickly and repeatedly in combat, without the risk of damaging your character sheet through repeated writing and erasing.

The HP table allows you to track incoming damage and healing as well as your maximum and current Hit Points. There are dedicated markers for spell and pact magic slots, death saves, a round tracker (so you know how long Bless has been active or how many Ki points you have left) as well as a space for quick general notes.

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  • 1x A5 Character Sheet Journal
  • 1x dry erase Combat Tracker
  • 1x A5 presentation folder
  • 1x dry erase pen


  • 120gsm paper inside
  • 350 gsm card cover
  • Matt plastic coating, front and back
  • Acrylic (Polymethyl Methacrylate)

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