Character Sheet Journal for Pathfinder 2e

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Character Sheet Journal for Pathfinder 2e


Gather your things, adventurer, we’re heading out!

Whether you’re a Rogue, Bard, Wizard or Champion, every adventurer needs gear they can rely on; So why would you be any different?

Immortalise up to four of your Pathfinder characters in an A5 Character Sheet journal for Pathfinder 2e, complete with portraits, personality, skills, abilities, attacks, stats, spells, equipment, feats and everything else you need to keep track of your characters in and out of the game, and without the faff of managing huge A4 sheets and folders at the table. Of course, it is expertly laid out, spanning eight pages per character.

Each character is colour coded, and every journal printed on gloriously thick paper to withstand all the writing and erasing, with an even tougher coating on the exterior to help prevent tearing and splash damage from wayward drinks.

In the back, we’ve even included an icon key and cheat sheet for players to reference during play.

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  • Four complete Pathfinder 2e character sheets
  • Expertly designed layout to make finding what you need a breeze
  • Compact to reduce table footprint
  • Colour Coded pages for easy character management
  • Matt laminated cover for a luxurious, tear and stain-resistant finish
  • Heavy duty paper for extra durability


  • 120gsm paper inside
  • 350 gsm card cover
  • Matt plastic coating, front and back
  • Stapled seam

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