Mimic – D&D 5e Character Booklet (Misprint)


These are EXACTLY like our 5e Character Booklets, but the page notifier colours are in random orders. We used a different colour triangle for each character you can put in the book and when these were printed they were out of sync.

They are still 100% functional, but we didn’t want to just throw them away. So we are offering them at a discount.

With this booklet, you can save space at the table and get everything you need in one simple place!


With the ability to place four D&D 5e Character Builds in the book, you’re sorted for your next few campaigns. Immortalise the characters you love to play and see them through to their end.

We’ve added simple ways to remember specific stats without the need to write them into the features, notes or extras tables.

Made from quality paper and card, this allows you to erase stats without damaging the book. Making these booklets more user-friendly compared to your standard character sheet.

This book is made by players for players and we’ve tested this as much as we could.

(Dice not included)

Weight 120 g
Dimensions 210 × 150 × 10 mm

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