Definitely not a Mimic sticker

... I think...


Definitely not a Mimic sticker


We’ve all been there. Spotting an unopened treasure chest across the room and lunging at it with unfettered zeal, only to end up in the slobbery maw of a murderous monstrosity. Well with these handy stickers you can be sure that whatever it’s attached to definitely ins’t dangerous and is indeed 100% guaranteed safe to plunder. Unless they learn to mimic the stickers…

Our vinyl stickers are made to last and have a semi permanent tack, so they’re perfect for things like phone cases and laptops, but may not last so long on the back of your car.

Small and Large options available:

  • Small = 5cm
  • Large = 10cm

*Rogue & Bard accepts no liability for adventures being devoured by mimics. Plunder at your own risk.

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  • Hilarious
  • Great for identifying things that aren’t mimics
  • Semi-permanent stickyness


  • Vinyl
  • Glue