Custom Item Cards

For official and homebrew items


Custom Item Cards


It’s no secret; Players love loot, especially when it comes to magic items.

Add to the occasion, or instil an air of mystery, by handing out item cards that players can keep hold of, share with the group, or hoard to themselves. Plus, no more excuses for players forgetting they own items or how they work!

Each deck comes with 20 cards, glued along the top edge to give you a satisfying tear-off notebook of cards to hand out to players. The eagle eyed, or maybe more TCG inclined among you may also find the size familiar – That’s right, they’re made to fit perfectly into standard trading card folders, so you or your players can easily store them in trading card folders if they have them.


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  • 20 per pack
  • Tear-off-notepad style binding on top edge (To keep them together before handing out)
  • Item Name, attunement requirements, and lined writing space for the item description
  • 400gsm card


  • Card
  • Glue

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