Combat Tracker Whiteboard for 5e

Dry wipe board for player characters


Combat Tracker Whiteboard for 5e


Our dry erase Combat Tracker is specifically designed for keeping track of the character resources that change quickly and repeatedly in combat, without the risk of damaging your character sheet.

The HP table allows you to track incoming damage and healing against your maximum and current hit points so you know exactly where you’re at at all times.

The dedicated tables for spell slots and pact magic allow you to easily track how many slots you’ve used whether you’re a single spellcaster or multiclassed.

We’ve also included a generic points tracker, perfect for keeping track of class resources like a Monk’s Ki points, a Sorcerer’s Sorcery Points, keeping a tally on how long a concentration spell has been in effect, or just keeping track of how many rounds have passed.

And finally, a feature we hope you don’t need to use too often – Death Saves.

All that, AND it comes with a free dry-wipe pen!

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  • Dry erase stat tracker
  • HP table
  • Spell and Pact Magic slots
  • Two Round/Point trackers
  • Death saves tally
  • Notes area
  • Free pen!


  • 3mm A5 Acrylic (Polymethyl Methacrylate)

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