TPK – Classic Character Journal Bundle


Your D&D party deserves the best! Give your team a TPK they deserve!

The Total Party Kit is a pack of 5 of our amazing and helpful A5 Character Booklets that helps you save some GP to kit out your party.


This is our CLASSIC DESIGN of our character booklets. Check out our new edition.

5 people around a table can take up a lot of space, our books can allow you to save space at the table and get everything you need in one simple place!

If you play plenty of games with each other, or prefer swapping out characters then these are perfect for you. With the ability to hold up to four D&D 5th edition builds in each book, you’re ready for anything, from a self sacrifice of your character, all the way to a real TPK.

We’ve added simple ways to remember specific stats without the need to write them into the features, notes or extras tables.

Made from quality paper and card, this allows you to erase stats without damaging the book making these booklets more user-friendly compared to your standard character sheet.

This book is made by players for players and we’ve tested this as much as we could.

(Dice not included.)

Weight 470 g
Dimensions 210 × 150 × 30 mm

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