Character Sheet Journal for D&D 5e

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Character Sheet Journal for D&D 5e


Declutter your table and immortalise the characters you love to play in our super compact and durable A5 Character Sheet Journals, made specifically for D&D 5e.

Track your character’s growth from fledgling adventurer to legendary hero, including all of their skills and abilities, the people they meet and allies they make while saving (or dooming!) the world.

Each booklet contains four complete character sheets for any class, keeping track of their personality traits and descriptions, skills, features, abilities and attacks, spells, inventory, attunements, and more!

We make our journals from thick, high quality paper and card stock, with a laminated front cover for added protection from wayward splashes and stains, and offering excellent protection when stored in your bag between sessions.

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  • Four complete D&D 5e character sheets
  • Compact to reduce table footprint
  • Matt laminated cover for a luxurious, tear and stain-resistant finish
  • Heavy duty paper for extra durability
  • Expertly designed layout to make finding what you need a breeze
  • Colour Coded pages for easy character management


  • 120gsm paper inside
  • 350 gsm card cover
  • Matt plastic coating, front and back
  • Stapled seam

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