Hey, we get it. Sometimes you have questions, and so do other people.

We’ve compiled a list of the more common ones so far, so give it a look and you might find we’ve already got an answer for you.


At our core we’re just a party of D&D fans who wanted to share some cool things we’d made with the rest of the community.

If you’re interested in the fascinating individuals behind the scenes at Rogue & Bard we’ve written all about our story on our About Us page.

We’re based in sunny sunny South Wales, UK.

We do! We’re currently in a small number of independent shops across the UK and hoping to grow.

If you’re a games retailer who is interested in stocking our products, please get in touch at wholesale@rogueandbard.com or visit our wholesale hub for more information.

And if you’re a customer who would like to see our products in your local shop please give them our email address – thanks for the introduction!

We try our best to source eco-friendly and recyclable materials for our products and packaging. Unfortunately, however, this is not currently possible for everything we do, though we are always on the hunt for alternatives where possible.

We include details on each product page about how green each product is but it’s a big question so we’ve written a whole other page about our sustainability. We’ve also pointed out where there’s still room for improvement so as to be as transparent with you as possible. Like a big green see-through thing… a tricky feat when our favourite colour is purple!


The good news it that our books aren’t class specific!

You can use them just as easily for a Wizard as you can a Fighter, Druid, or even multiclassed characters.

We do not currently offer any digital downloads of our products. However, this is something we are looking into.

Dispatch & Orders

We use Royal Mail for the majority of our mail services in the UK and abroad, and Parcelforce for larger shipments.

Honestly we aren’t experts on this and it depends (we think) on how big your order is and which country you’re in but look online and there’s loads of handy import tax calculators made by people who know way more about it than we do.

We ship everywhere!

We think our products deserve to be loved by people all around the world so we ship worldwide. Please be aware that we’re based in the UK so if you’re not in the UK it might take a little longer for your order to arrive (but we think it’s worth the wait).

Bard packs up and posts out all our orders as quickly as he can (we aim to get everything out within 24 hours). If you haven’t received a confirmation email from us yet please check your junk mail.

If you selected tracked shipping when you ordered you should receive an email with your tracking number (maybe check that sneaky junk folder again if you haven’t seen it). If the email didn’t arrive have at chat with us at support@rogueandbard.com and we’ll have a look for that tracking number for you.

Unfortunately, if you didn’t select tracked shipping when you ordered we are just as in the dark as you are once that parcel has left us. If it still hasn’t arrived after you’d expect it to (see below) ping us an email and we’ll see what we can do.

Sorry. We do our best to make sure things go smoothly but sometimes even with the best will in the world something goes wrong and orders get lost in the post. If this has happened to you get in touch at support@rogueandbard.com or via our feedback form and we’ll do our best to sort it out for you.