Coronavirus | Shipping & Delivery

By RJ Davies

Hello all! Let me introduce myself, I’m RJ (The Bard). If you message us, you’ll more than likely be speaking to me because The Rogue likes to work in the shadows. One of my many jobs here is to handle distribution.

I have to make sure all your lovely orders get to you. I’ve been keeping an eye on the current climate when it comes to shipping and so far it’s been good! We have had to change a few things up and I want you all to know what the behind the scenes look like right now.


As much as I wish it was, Rogue & Bard isn’t my full time job. I currently work from home on this and my main job. I have all the stock, shipping labels, printers and the like with me. Even now I can see a pile of shipments that I need to get to the post box to send. The UK Government has told us not to leave our homes unless needed. I can only make one batch shipment a day but I also need to work and handle other daily life stuff. 

Shipping your items may take an extra day or two to send out due to post box pickup times and when I can leave my home. I take a lot of pride in getting orders shipped. This time last year we were sending these out from the back of a car. Now we have books in shops and all online sales are done in my home office with fancy labels, stamps, and more. (I really like stationary, okay)


We’ve been in this lockdown for a month now at the time of writing this blog and these are the trends I have noticed. 

We’ve had a few messages about delays from international customers, I’ve checked with Royal Mail and they cannot guarantee their usual shipping times. You can read more about your country here.

UK customers seem to get theirs on time or minimal delay.

International Shipping is still available to us but are seeing longer delays compared to UK ones. 

The Royal Mail Website has full details on your country. 

If you want to easily message us, you can fill in the contact form on our website or message directly on social media. 

The tldr of this blog post is:

Yes, we can still ship to you. 
UK orders seem to take a day or two extra at worst. 
International orders seem to vary on their delays.
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